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by 17 Divas on February 14, 2012

the bachelor recapBen and the remaining women jetted off to Belize last night Рa beautiful destination for 3 one-on-one dates and 1 group date.

The individual dates went to Emily, Lindzi and bitchface.

Kacie, on the group date, was the only one to score a rose before the actual rose ceremony, which made her about the happiest woman on the planet, as a rose last night meant Ben will meet your family.

We endured bitchface whine and cry for most of the show pretty much up until the point when she FINALLY gets a one-on-one date.

Up until then it was all, complaining about how she was done, how she couldn’t take this anymore, how she’s lost her connection with him, how if he doesn’t give me a one-on-one then he clearly doesn’t like me, how she’s been hurt in the past and how this always happens to her. It was quite the pity party.

Oh, but once she gets the last individual date of the nite, bitchface quickly switches gears into cocky-ass mode, uh huh, I got this. “I knew Ben was a smart boy.”

Ok, Ben isn’t smart, he’s just pussy-whipped since the naked swimming encounter.

But before we get to Courtney and Ben’s date, let’s backstep to Emily’s date.

Ben and Emily Date
Emily seemed to be in positive recovery mode with a fairly fun and frolicky date with Ben. They had a bicycle ride. They went out on a boat to catch their lobster dinner. At which Emily says she loves how spontaneous Ben is. REALLY? He’s not spontaneous. You think that you happening upon the guy with a boat lobstering who offers to take you out was an ‘accident.’ You are on a TV show, every move is planned.

It seemed as though Ben and Emily were having a solid day together, and there was a glimmer of her being back in the running towards becoming America’s next top contender for the bachelor’s heart.

Ben and Lindzi Date
Lindzi had a good date with Ben. They flew in the helicopter to a coral reef in the middle of nowhere and Lindzi is horrified to learn they will have to jump out of the aircraft into the water below, plunging into love even deeper….or leaping into love as they each uttered a nauseating number of times!

If I heard, “Leap of Fucking Faith” one more F-ing time, I was gonna throw something at the television! For the love of romance and my sanity, STOP saying that contrived dribble!

Okay, so despite her fears, Lindzi jumps with Ben at her side and this binds them closer together. They have a great time, kiss kiss, eat drink. And we’re done. Oh, but it should be noted that Lindzi ennunciating every syllable of the word ‘important’, which she said about 3 times on the date, was driving me koo koo. They also write a message and put it in a bottle, and now I’m like, seriously, this is ridic!

Ben and Courtney Date
On Courtney’s date, they end up at a temple or ruin and climb a flight of stairs after being dropped off in a helicopter. BTW, I think the helicopter had more appearances than Chris Harrison in this episode!

So as soon as they lay down a blanket to snack and drink champagne, Courtney tells Ben how she feels. How she feels disconnected and how hard this is for her. (tear.) Ben actually likes that she is forthright and not a suck-up. He even goes as far as to say one of the things he learned about himself on this journey, where he is leaping a whole lot in faith, is that he likes a girl who is edgy and quirky, or unique as he put it. (Courtney might be quirky and unique, but the adjectives that describe her best are more like the ones used to describe the Grinch, “Stink. Stank. Stunk.”)

Courtney is nothing if not a master of manipulation, and to her credit she now has him bending over backwards to make her feel loved again. Although at dinner, when Courtney talks about the other girls in the house and how she doesn’t get along with any of them, how they are all dumb girls and she’d never be friends with them outside of this. Ben actually looks like he has a little red flag raised – (no, not that kind of a flag!) but an actual red flag, a little bitty one, coming out of his ear. And when Courtney alludes to the fact that she mostly has guy friends… Ben says something classic in VO mode like, I dont want to be with someone nobody else can stand.

Group Date
The group date comes and it’s Rachel, Nicki and Kacie, who all get along and they are thrilled that bitchface is not on their date to spoil it. Ben wakes the girls up at 4am. Yes, 4 am. They go out on a boat. Have champagne for breakfast. And then Ben lays it on them that they are going to be swimming with sharks for brunch. Nice. Kacie and Nicki are pumped. Rachel is pissing in her pants. So the whole date becomes about Rachel overcoming her fear, leaping fucking faith and Ben and her sharing in the specialness that is conquering your fears with someone special and making everyone watching it puke in a bucket.

During the evening portion of the group date, each of the gals has time alone with Ben.

Kacie lays it on the line the most and pretty much tells Ben she is falling. He gives her the group date rose. And her getting a rose before the ceremony meant we didnt have to watch her cry in anticipation of not getting a rose. (Thank you, Ben)

The date is not yet over though and the girls take this time with Ben as an opportunity to express their disdain, distrust and reservations about bitchface. Ben seems to be listening.

Before the rose ceremony, Ben asks to speak with bitchface alone. The other girls speculate that maybe he has come to his senses. But skinny dipping memories run deep and bitchface DOES get a rose in addition to Nicki (didn’t see that one coming, I have to say!) and Lindzi.

So next week on The Bachelor, Ben will meet the four familes of Nicki, Kacie, Bitchface and Lindzi.  All towards his and their journey to all be single again a short time from now.


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