Kourtney and Kim Take New York Bar Brawl and Kims Silver Paint Shoot

by 17 Divas on February 3, 2011

Kim gets news that her recent W magazine photo spread has taken a bad turn. She was photographed nude in silver paint and was promised that cool architectural photos would be hiding her private parts but ‘they’ lied. When the magazine hits news stands, Kim’s booty and boobs are front and center.

Even though Kim is upset and crying, Khloe has just arrived in NYC and the girl wants to go out. So it’s off to a bar. They’re trying to make Kim smile and stop thinking about things. Kourtney is off to the ladies room and things go into the toilet from there. Some random dude asks to take a picture with Kim. Kim graciously says yes despite the funk she is in and musters up a smile to pose and even asks him to make sure the picture came out okay.

It’s at this point that random dude’s crazy girlfriend shows up and immediately assumes Kim must be hitting on her BF. (ah, seriously?). It’s not long before a fight starts, and Kim gets a drink thrown in her face. (like all the poor girl probably wanted to do that night was stay home and cry and eat some haagan daaz while watching stupid reality shows…lol) Now she’s got a drink thrown at her for being a nice person.

Sitting on the sidelines, Scott is fighting all anger demons he has to not get involved but he can’t let these clowns treat Kim like this. Scott steps in to defend Kim’s honor and gets hauled away.

By the time Kourtney returns from the bathroom, she has seen enough to jump to the worst conclusion about her baby daddy. And even though Khloe is coming to Scott’s defense Kourtney has made her mind up.

“This night went from 1st class to coach really quick.” – Scott

Khloe lets Scott sleep on her couch since Kourtney has shunned him from her room. I did love when Scott yells to her, “where am I gonna sleep?” and Kourtney replies, “it’s a HOTEL!” (touche)

The next day Kourtney finally listens to her sisters and hears Scott out. And in an unheard of turn of events, apologizes to him. (Kourtney never apologizes to anyone – most of all Scott.)

Kim receives a copy of the magazine and has settled into an acceptance of the nude photos. At the end of the day it is mom Kris’ words of wisdom to ‘own it and hold your head up high’ that put a smile back on Kim’s face.

– Diva4

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