DWTS Premieres Season 14 – Nobody Sucks, Damn It

by 17 Divas on March 20, 2012

DWTS blogDang it, I just finished watching the two hour premiere of Dancing with the Stars and no one sucks! THAT sucks!

I have nobody to make fun of, nobody to mock. What kind of DWTS is that?! I need a Hope. It’s Hope less.

Instead, Season 14 of DWTS might have just broken a record for being the first season that every contestant has a fair shot at the mirrorball. Trust me, they weren’t all Fred Astaire, but Erkel came close. The football dude was pretty smooth too.

Sherri Sheppard was a surprising crowd-pleaser and I am happy and hopeful for Val that he will be around alot longer than two weeks. Val seemed to be having so much fun, I could have sworn I saw him doing the white boy boogie.

The dice don’t seem to be stacked as well in brother Maks’s favor, or should I say, shirtless Maks. Lil House is in my top two bets for people going home next week. Martina is on that list too, although have to give her props for doing much better than I expected.

Is it just me, or anyone else think that opera singer has some dance background? Her pointed toes and extensions seem to indicate this girl has had some formal training…just sayin.

My predictions for romance hook-ups – in no particular order – are opera singer girl and Mark, Maria and Derek, and Bruno and Brad Pitt Lookalike (at least in Bruno’s dreams).

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that Courtney Robertson didn’t make an appearance as rumored, although I am not entirely counting her out of this season of Dancing with the Stars. Last week there was speculation that ABC was trying to figure out how to make her part of the show being that the announcement of the cast was a bit lack-luster.

I do think it would have been fun to have her compete just to hear her blurt, “winning” after the judges gave her scores. Or to hear her say how the other girls just aren’t sexual and how they’re making it so easy for her. Maybe Courtney and Ben can do an interpretive tango of their skinny-dipping date if the ratings slide.

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