17Divas get LOST in Hawaii

by 17 Divas on April 28, 2008

After vacationing in Waikiki, 17Divas leave Hawaii Hollywood-style. No, it’s not Christmas in April. It’s the set of the series LOST shooting on location at the American Airlines terminal in Honolulu. Heather Locklear was seen by someone we met but we did not see her. We then flew from chicago to ny with Paul Sorvino. […]

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Good People Day

by 17 Divas on April 3, 2008

Today, April 3, 2008 is Good People Day. Why? Why not. Gary Vaynerchuk thought’d be a great idea. That’s why. So to honor this day of good people, we only have to be reminded of last night’s American Idol video of how their campaign last year of Idol Gives Back (which is happening again on […]


Never eat oreos again

by 17 Divas on September 17, 2007

this disgusting new Domino’s commercial features their newest “pie” the oreo dessert pizza – it’s enough to make you never eat an oreo again. thanks!


Poor Kate Walsh. She’s got the toughest job in the world. week after week she’s sucking face with the hottest men around. McSteamy, McDReamy, McAlex and now McTimDaly. I can barely fathom the difficulty she must have getting up and going to work. all this Diva knows is Kate Walsh is one lucky lady. In […]


A note to producers

by 17 Divas on November 17, 2006

Dear Deja Vu Producers, You have made it clear to me that you REALLY want me to see your new movie, Deja Vu. I know this because you run the ads every 50 seconds. But here’s the thing – I’m pretty certain I’ve already seen it. Technorati Tags: deja vu, movies, denzel washington


Do You Tom Take Katie…

by 17 Divas on November 17, 2006

Well, it’s officially November 18th – Tom and Katie’s Wedding day! The most talked about couple of the year is finally tying the knot. Rome, Italy is the setting for this star-studded celebrity wedding. My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, but friggin Brooke shields is going! Just months ago her and Tom […]


Betty Ooops!

by 17 Divas on November 2, 2006

Here’s the thing. I want to like Ugly Betty but I just don’t. Not sure if it’s that she’s just not ugly enough or that i feel like I’m watching a poor man’s version of “The Devil Wears Prada” mixed with some dumb mystery novel from the 1980’s baked in an oven at 450 degrees […]



by 17 Divas on April 8, 2006

Yet another former star with a current reality tv show, Tuckerville follows the trials and tribulations of country legend Tanya Tucker single mom. Although from the episode i caught tonite, it’s more the kids raising her. Layla, the youngest – i’m guessing 6-7, spends more time campaigning for her mom to quit smoking than playing […]


No big surprises here but more entertaining television to close out the season finale of Flavor Flave’s Lovefest. It’s all about the bling, the pimping thing, and more ghetto girl catfighting. Miss New York gives our fair city and state a bad name. This girl is crazy, nutso, psycho, oh and did I mention, CRAZY!! […]


Oscar Detox

by 17 Divas on March 7, 2006

I didn’t mind Charlize’s hair but thought overall it was a little too much with the horrible dress. I didn’t even know it was green until e! online told me. I thought it was like someone wrapped her in a battleship. Reese’s dress was good but not great, and suffered from a fit problem, again […]