Rock of Love

Rock of Love 2 Finale

by 17 Divas on April 14, 2008

Well, Bret Michaels did it. He picked one. In last night’s hour and a half season finale of Rock of Love 2, Ambre and Daisy gave a last bitch effort to winning Bret’s heart on. Bret jets the 2 remaining gals to sunny Cancun Mexico where they have separate romantic dates with the rocker. Between […]


Bret, Bret, Bret…we were so curious and thought it would never happen & now we wish it never did! There’s a girl under that du rag. He’s rockin’ the Cheryl -Ladd -the-later-years look. Hmmm interesting.He is a rather likable guy though despite his poor fashion sense and taste in women. I love that he considers […]


Rock of Drama Las Vegas

by 17 Divas on March 31, 2008

On last nite’s Rock of Love, Bret Michaels took the remaining 4 girls, Ambre (seemingly sane), Jessica (sweeter than sugar), Daisy (more fucked than a times square ho) and Destiney (a volcano waiting to blow) to sin city for some fun. What Bret got was a whole lot of drama instead. Daisy was at the […]


Rock of Ex-Loves

by 17 Divas on March 24, 2008

So on this weeks’ Rock of Love Bret Michaels calls in the big guns. He enlists the ex’s of the remaining girls to uncover dark hidden secrets. And as he awkwardly bonds with them over video games and buffalo wings at Dave and Busters, he unleashes party girl Heather from last season’s show to get […]