American Idol

During the entire Idol competition the judges stress the importance of song choice. Nowhere is this more important than the American Idol finale. As soon as Scotty McCreery sang the song entitled, “I Love You This Big,” which will be his first single should he win, I felt the competition over for him. Mostly because […]

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Tonight is the long-awaited Dancing with the Stars finale results show AND the American Idol Top 2 competition. For fans of both these great reality shows it means straight-to-voicemail and the pizza is being delivered. Thank gosh for DVR and for smart programming execs who cleverly arranged to have American Idol air first and then […]

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Looking for Lauren Alaina’s adorable black and white dress that she wore tonight while singing her second song, “If I Die Young,” on American Idol Top 3 show? This fabulous, poofy, strapless mini cocktail dress is by Betsey Johnson. Lauren knocked the song out of the park and this Betsey Johnson – Evening Peggy Sue […]


David Cook is back in the spotlight again with his new take on an old classic from Simple Minds. His sings “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” and it is available on itunes. You can also hear it on American Idol every week along with the goodbye montage. Tear! So the latest and greatest is that […]


I confess that I got home just in time to catch the last 6 minutes of tonite’s American Idol results show for the Top 11 and soon realized that was all I needed to see. Not only that, it may in fact have been the most dramatical 6 minutes on American Idol all season. As […]

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David Cook’s New Song for Idol Farewells

by 17 Divas on March 3, 2011

David Cook, rock star and season 7 American Idol winner, is back and no one can be more excited then me, your resident David Cook fan here at 17 Divas.  He’s back baby and singing one of the best, if not the best, song from the ’80s, Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget about Me).” You […]


American Idol 2011 Austin Auditions Season 10

by 17 Divas on February 3, 2011

American Idol hits the Texas capital of Austin, Yeeha! Find Today’s Daily Deal on the Best in Austin! Corey Levoy who recently connected with his long, lost sister, is first up. “My sister is my best friend.” The judges invite his sister in to be the 4th judge while Corey auditions. Corey sings “I Can’t […]


Impatiently Awaiting David Cook’s Next Album

by 17 Divas on January 30, 2011

We’re closing in on 3 years since David Cook won American Idol yet this divas love for him has not waned or wavered. His debut album was a huge success. Several songs still remain in my Top 25 Most Played List in my iTunes library. He’s been in the studio working on his next album […]

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American Idol Season 10 Milwaukee Auditions

by 17 Divas on January 28, 2011

Since American Idol lowered the age requirement to 15, the 15 year olds have been showing up in swarms. Wednesday night American idol was in Milwaukee. Find Today’s Daily Deal on the Best in Milwaukee! There was DJ wanna-be, 19 year old Joe Repka who sang Billy Joel’s  “The Longest Time” … to which the […]


American Idol 2011 Premiere

by 17 Divas on January 21, 2011

Season 10 of American Idol premiered last night. This is the first season without a bitter twist of Simon Cowell. I, Diva4, am a BIG Simon lover and was wary of this new panel including Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. I find it comical that the one judge I could care the least about, Randy […]