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by 17 Divas on January 24, 2012

the bachelor recapTonight’s Bachelor took place in Park City, Utah. “The dates I planned this week are outdoorsy and awesome.” said Ben.

Chris announces there is no time to sit and talk about the weather and that the gals need to use their time wisely.

From the get-go Kacie B wont stop crying. She has gotten super annoying, super quick.

Rachel gets the first date and gets to go spend the day rowing a canoe on the lake with Ben. Ben likes these down-to-earth dates. Uou can get to know each other more.

Millions of bugs seem to swarm around them as they make out in the canoe. Ben pours champagne. The sun is so bright they can barely see each other without squinting. The kiss is okay, but they have nothing to say to each other after that. I’m yawning.

Night falls and Ben is confused about how he feels for her. She won’t open up but Ben is not ready to give up. At dinner, Rachel admits that being open is not her strength and communication is difficult for her. Ben gives her the rose hoping she will talk more next time. Then they roast marshmellows on a stick over a campfire and kiss some more.

Back at the ranch, the group date card arrives declaring, “Let’s see if you’re a great catch.”

Courtney is one of the 8 women on the group date, and who doesn’t want more Courtney on The Bachelor. She declares, “When I’m around Ben I blossom.”

Ben rides into the group date on a horse and we get all kinds of comments from the girls about how rugged and Chaps like he looks. They all get on their own horses and ride across the Utah plains. I suddenly feel like I am watching “City Slickers” or “Brokeback Mountain.”

Ben is so excited, “I have a great day planned. It’s gonna be rad!”

Everyone gets outfitted in fly fishing gear. “We have to catch our lunch,” Ben tells them.

Ben plays teacher. Kacie whines some more. (enuf!)

O wise one, Courtney, says, “It’s not about catching the trout. It’s about catching Ben. It’s all about knowing when to make your move and I don’t see many moves being made. These other girls don’t have their eye on the prize.”

Too bad for them, because Courtney has her eye on the target and she has locked and loaded.

“I’m gonna turn this group date into a one-on-one date,” she says.

Smitten Ben is like “ohhhh Courtney is wonderful, blah blah blah”

We learn deep things about Ben during his chit chat with Courtney like, “Mustard’s my favorite condiment.” Wow so glad I know that Ben! Now I’m really falling for you!

Courtney catches a fish. She is the only one to catch a fish. Ben is impressed. So is Courtney.

During the second half of the date, Nicki who is drunk and this is her 3rd group date makes a move for some alone time. Nikki genuinely thanks him for the group dates. Ben says she thrives in the group dates.

Ben lost a friend two days before the bachelor started. We find this out because Nikki, in an attempt to create a ‘moment’, tells him that her boss passed away the nite before she came here. Their death stories bond them and their lips. But their lips are parted thanks to another drunk girl, Samantha.

Samantha interrupts and asks Ben if he feels anything. She slurs her words and makes no sense at all. Ben does not beat around any bushes with this one. He tells her “The group dates you’ve been on, you’ve been highly emotional. I don’t know if you’re even here for me because in your actions i dont see it. That’s why you continue to be on group dates. It’s hard for me to justify giving you a one on one. For what I’ve seen up to this point, I don’t see this going much further. I’m thinking we should probably end this. Like right now.”

WAY HARSH!! Like she just got fired from a job. (tears…hers, and bye-bye).

Ben and Kacie have alone time and kiss. and kiss. and kiss some more. Ben admits, “I’m in trouble with Kacie B. My relationship with her is growing faster than most.” “I might end up with her, I dont know.”

Ben takes Courtney away by the fire and they cuddle and kiss. Seeing Courtney struggle is difficult for ben. (oyyyy.) and there goes the rose on the group date — to Courtney. #winning. Seriously the girl uses the word #winning in conversation!!! Courtney accepts the rose… as if! #tigerblood.

This pisses Kacie B. off and she’s not the only one.

Jennifer receives the last one on one date. “Let’s pick our love song.”

Ben reminds us at the onset of their date, as if we have forgotten Bachelor mantra, “Relationships are all about trust. It’s about overcoming your fears”

Suddenly in the middle of nowhere Utah is a crator and guess what, they are going to repell down it into a pool of water on their date…just a good 300 feet down or so. “I don’t do this in Oklahoma!” Jennifer says – ah,no shit!

Jen is a good sport about going down a black hole hanging by a string.

On their way down, again with Ben and the “relationships are all about trust.” (is this groundhog day!)

Once they jump in water – it’s amazing. “It’s just me and him,” Jen says. (and a camera and paramedics crew I’m hoping!! )

The evening portion of the date involves lightning and then a heavy rain storm and they get soaked.

Jennifer gets the rose, “The more time I spend with Jennifer, the more I like her.”

Now for the awkward part of the date, again in the middle of nowhere Utah suddenly there is a private concert for Ben and Jen – only 300 other people showed up. LOL

The crowd clears a path and they walk thru to the front and dude sings to them and they dance and kiss with everyone watching. EWWWW. so awkward!!!!

Let it be said, Ben is boring me. Just fyi.

At the rose ceremony, Emily decides she has to be the one to tell Ben about what a bitch Courtney is. Rule #23 of reality TV dating – don’t be the one to tattle on someone else. Your ass WILL end up in the limo ride home!

Ben sort of scolds her, his second ‘face slap’ of the night.

Meanwhile Casey tells Emily, “Courtney is the most genuine person here.”
Then Casey tells Courtney that Emily threw her under the bus.

And then the ‘most genuine person in the house’ says about Emily, “I almost just want to rip her head off and verbally assault her, or shave her eyebrows while she’s sleeping.”

In the end, Emily does get a rose and Monica goes home. Monica, who?

Next week they’re headed to Puerto Rico.

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