DWTS All Stars 2012

by 17 Divas on September 26, 2012

dwts allstars season 15DWTS Allstars 2012 premiered this week, bringing back to the dance floor past competitors. Here’s how I saw it for Dancing with the Stars Allstars 2012 premiere week –

Joey Fatone – I thought he was great for first season kick-off. Love his chemistry with Kym Johnson. Very sharp footwork and a difficult routine despite how much bigger he is than season 4. But he was heavier then too and lost some weight. I thought his scores were a bit low.

Shawn Johnson – Is it possible that she’s even more annoying now than she was before? And wasn’t that a bit fast for a foxtrot? At least Derek did better at designing costumes which actually flatter her squat gymnast’s frame. But she still stands like a trucker. I agreed more with Len’s score than the others. Overrated again. But that’s what Derek does.

Sabrina Bryant – She was never my favorite but I do love me some LVA (Louis Van Amstel, that is). Like Kym, he packed that routine with difficulty. Was saddened to see her make the show though instead of Kyle Massey. Does anyone else think it’s weird she’s shaped just like Shawn Johnson? Or that Carrie Ann Inaba referred to her as a woman scorned while Sabrina’s ex (Mark Ballas) was watching? Hmm.. Begrudgingly, I have to admit she was pretty good for a first week. Scores worth it. On a side note, liked the costume.

Helio Castroneves – He and Chelsie are nicely paired. She’s lucky he was trained by Julianne. I enjoyed this foxtrot much more, and alwas enjoy his personality on the dance floor. Again though the judges were being a bit picky compared to Johnson.

Pamela Anderson – What a hot mess. A fitting tribute to Amy Winehouse, but Tristan wasn’t kidding when he said he had his work cut out for him. Surprised there hasn’t been a backlash of people complaining about the faux slap in the routine. Proof positive that thin does not always equal fit. All her wobbling about reminds me of Tina Sparkle in that Baz Luhrmann film. About the only other thing I can say is that her chest looked smaller, at least until they mashed her into that costume. And Tristan’s outfit made him look tubby. Proof that faux tan isn’t always slimming I guess!

Melissa Rycroft, aka Toothy McTootherton – I couldn’t even watch.

Anton Opolo Ohno – Ok. Outfits, crazy. Dancing? Wish I could say it was crazy good. Carrie Ann is clearly suffering from the loss of her engagement, as there was nothing sexy about that dance. He looked slow and not very sharp or precise next to Karina. I expected him to be a bit more ready this time. Oh and someone puh-lease turn off Karina’s jewelry. I’m pretty sure I was having mini-seizures watching it.

Gilles Marini – Call me a classic, but that was fantastic. Loved the music, the choreography and his lines as alwas were impeccable. I also love any dancer who is relaxed enough to sing along and he was. I think he and Peta are a pair to watch for sure. The only question is whether he has enough of a fan base now – last time he had his cameo in the sex and the city movie coming out to bolster votes. At this point, once of my favorites (if not the favorite) of the evening. The judges obviously agreed with a 24 out of 30.

Bristol Palin – Footwork sloppy. And I don’t care what they said about the shaking, watching her dance is still like watching dishwater sit in a pan. The gratuitous shots to her mom in the audience though will net her enough votes to stick around.

Drew Lachey – I’ll admit at this point I was wondering just how many “all-stars” there are competing. But then he had the best rise and fall of the evening and contrary to Len I thought his frame was quite nice. I really enjoyed it. I forget how much personality he has on the floor as well. Much more than his brother, whose always seems a bit forced. Good job by the Cincinnati boy.

Kelly Monaco – I still don’t get all the buzz about this woman. She was a bit all over the place, and not so stable on her feet, and the skimpy costume couldn’t really hide it.

Kirstie Alley – Seriously, we’re not done yet? How many weeks is this “season” going to last? She’s sort of like a grown up Pamela Anderson. Other than that, frankly, I was bored and expecting more from someone who has had a personal dance instructor traveling with her the last year. Thank you Len for keeping it real.

Emmitt Smith – WHAT is Cheryl wearing? But loved it. He is so precise and sharp. You know Cheryl has confidence in his footwork b/c he was the only man wearing colored shoes. Plus he’s filled to the brim with personality. If I had to bet on anyone being a repeat winner, it would be him.



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